A downloadable game for Windows

A 4-player 2D arena fighter. Attack your opponents with melee, ranged or block-dropping emoji. Two kinds of items will appear: food that restore health and emoji items to change which emoji you are. Pick up an emoji item and use it or throw it at an opponent to change them into that emoji.

This is a jam game so bear with me: use controllers; keyboard will move everyone at once. If you have less than 4 controllers, pressing Z on the emoji select screen will start the game.

Controller controls

Left/right: move

A/up: jump

B/X: attack/throw

Y: pick up/use

Keyboard controls, if you need them

arrows: move

Z/up: jump

X/C: attack/throw

Y: pick up/use

Esc: quit

Install instructions

This is a single-runtime executable. No installation required.


Emoji Fighter - Windows 4 MB