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  • Played entirely within fictional operating system sMaat 9
  • Simulation of 250+ solar bodies (with light fictionalizations; see accompanying info.txt for data sources)
  • Exploratory narrative told through email, news headlines, and REGISTRY database entries
Immersion note: For the most immersive experience, full-screen display is recommended.


The year is 2221 and you are the lone technician aboard the Eye of Ra, an anti-asteroid space station orbiting Earth.

It has been two decades since the Apep event caused widespread disturbances throughout the Solar System. Ancient orbital paths and gravitational partnerships were forever altered, and our centuries-old knowledge of them was rendered unreliable. The calculated, near-zero risk of an asteroid impact on an inhabited world suddenly became unknown.

The Solar Union scrambled to recalculate the odds, to find lost objects before they could strike one of its five member worlds. Nuclear warheads were stockpiled and aimed at the skies of the Incorporated Planet of Mercury, the Republic of Mars, the Federation of Jupiter, and the Colonial Republic of Titan. Meanwhile, on Earth, they built something entirely new: the Ra laser. An orbital, Solar-powered cannon capable of reaching across the Solar System and removing kilometres-wide objects from existence.

The power within the Eye of Ra defends us all from the modern asteroid threat. The Solar Union entrusts Earth with the protection of its member worlds, who in turn entrusts the Eye of Ra to one technician: you.


Please report bugs to @bear_cabin


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 3


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Hello, I'm having a strange bug where in Event 02, the co-ordinate finder in the Eye app is reversed. Putting -158.55 into the x box will make the laser go straight upward to -90 vertical. Putting -158.55 into the v box will lock out at -90 and the laser will only go to -90 left. I was very confused until I looked at the comments here and eventually moved the telescope manually. I had to restart a few times since I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Cool world though, thanks!

Hey, I love this game but I want to say that there appears to be a bug where if you start the game at mission 8 or so the registry entries disappear. I have not noticed this occurring when playing the mission sequentially and with no game overs.

I hope that was enough of a bug report, thank you for making this great game!

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Just wanted to let you know, that your game blew me away. It’s so immersive! I especially liked how much you could explore, if you don’t just care for the events. It really sucked me in, made me feel like a lonely space station technician. The core gameplay is fun (and surprisingly challenging in the later events), but I was really surprised how good the world building and story telling was. Even just looking around with the eye, looking at planets and other objects, reading about them in the registry… Great job, and I hope to see more in the future.

PS: Thanks for providing a Linux build. It worked perfectly!


I agree with everything said here.  Also, the Linux build worked perfectly for me as well.  Thank you for that.

Im having major launching problems on Mac. Im thinking Catalina might be the issue but the game ran perfectly fine the first 2 runs. After that, every time I choose a profile and start, the screen spasms and wont move, staying in a constant loading cycle.

I reinstalled the game 2 times but to no avail so hoping I can get some help in here.

Hi, maybe try deleting the save file: on the title screen click the arrow on the right side of the username text box to find the option. Then exit and restart the game.

This is just a guess though, because I’m unable to upgrade to Catalina and test myself due to known compatibility issues with critical software.

Hope that helps!

I'm having an error in mission two. I put in the coordinates -158.55x-18.72 and the camera moves instead to -18.72x-90

I tried reversing the numbers (-18.72x-158.55) to see if the input fields were reversed, but it then auto-corrected to -18.72x-90... and pointed me at -90x-18.72

Hi! If auto-targeting isn’t turning the camera where you want to be, you can manually target using CTRL + arrows to move the camera to those coordinates.

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I have the same issue. The camera cannot move beyond the range of -90 to 90 in any direction, using auto-targeting or manual. I cannot see the asteroid in mission two. It is stressful.

edit: I see you answered this below. I wasn't able to it.. what coordinates should it say on the screen when I am looking at the collision location?

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this game seems really cool, but when i try to target the meteor/asteroid for the first event, it just swivels around and then points "up" and spins around, what am I doing wrong?

Hi, you’re not doing anything wrong, this is a known glitch I haven’t been able to solve! The work-around is not a great solution but if you stop the camera from spinning by moving it manually (CTRL+arrows) and point it a bit closer to where you’re trying to target (at the start of the first mission the asteroid is left of earth, between the earth and sun), try targeting again and it should work. Hopefully one day I will figure out this bug!

maybe it's something to do with quaternions vs euler angles?

i guess i have another question, the coordinates are in (h,v) both being from +90 to -90, so in the second event, by this coordinate system, there is no -158.55, unless you use the +90 as a replacement for 0, in which case, why not just use -68.55? it's pretty confusing (also i keep getting scared that i'll miss the event, since where im at they dont give a date)

Vertically the view is limited to +-90 to prevent flipping upside down, but horizontally you should be able to spin entirely around with coordinates between 180 and -180, where negative H is left of Earth, positive is right, and looking at coordinates 0x0 is the middle of Earth.  So -158.55 is that many degrees left from Earth.

By the way, you can pause the game speed while you look around if the collision is occurring too soon. I believe the only station function not possible while paused is firing the laser.

I'm a huge fan of this game already but I can't quite figure out the third event. 

I'm sure I'm missing something simple but I'm stuck on the 'coords relative to Pluto' as well as relative to sylvia. And I was expecting an impact on the 30th of the 7th but on the 31st nothing has happened to poor old mercury;

someone please explain to me how I'm being a silly fool

Hi! For that mission, if you find pluto or sylvia then move your view by the amount of the relative coordinates, you should find it.

Thank you, I was in a X,Y mindset and not a H,V one. Was simply moving the eye in the wrong direction - cheers and your game is fantastic.

Amazing game! I love the details in the news, and the brief but also emotionally involved connection with the person at ESA. And all the tiny easter eggs! I got this game with the BLM bundle but it is totally worth the full price!

I only have one question:
Are you supposed to survive the 11th mission? Because i simply can't escape it. The game just ends with me dying or accidentaly shooting earth every time! It is really frustrating!


Hi! You made it to the end, sorry if the game isn't clear about that! Thanks for playing!

Aaaah don't leave your fans hanging like that! You really have to make a sequel if you get the opportunity! I love your game!

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I’m so bad at this game… I can’t pass the second event because I don’t understand how I’m supposed to target the collision point… I’m stuck… and I fail every time.

Is it normal that i can’t turn/moove more than -90/90° right/left/tob/bootom ? It seems to be a bug… or i don’t understand how it work.

But the rest of the game, it’s just perfect

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I am also stuck on the second mission.  I punch in the coordinates right away, and I watch....nothing happen.  And then I get emails saying the collision happened and now I need to, apparently, eyeball the rest?

I mean, even if that's the end of my experience with this game, as a linux sysadmin I adore the interface.

EDIT: Okay, redoing the second mission, swap the coordinates around in the Eye, then manually adjust the H vector.  I guess the coords are always flip-flopped from the emails?

Hi! It looks like you figured it out but I'll post some tips here in case anyone else needs them (I have received multiple questions about the second mission).

There are a few options for moving the camera to find coordinates:

  • Use the COORDS tab of the Eye app to look at the coordinates
  • Use the Terminal command 'eye lookat HxV' where H and V are horizontal (x axis) and vertical (y axis) coordinates, with no spaces (use negative values like this: 'eye lookat -100x-100'
  • Manually move the camera with the arrow buttons in the CONTROL tab of the Eye or keys CTRL+arrows

This has been my favorite game by far in the racial justice bundle and I really adore the entire experience. Melos already mentioned some good points about how the clunky interface helps reinforce the feeling of isolation and distance in the game. Perhaps my favorite part of the game though, was reading through the registry and exploring the news feeds. The amount of effort and detail that went into this story and its universe is really cool and I love what you've done with it. Most of my playtime was actually just me reading those entries aloud to a friend and we had a lot of fun!

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Grrr, I picked this game up during the racial justice bundle and I was really into it. I got to the 9th event and try as I might, I couldn't get this one... Every time I'd fire at it, it would tell me I failed. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? ;-;

Nevermind! I just had to be quicker. Haha

This game was amazing. I got so wrapped up in it. I really hope to see more. I genuinely care about what's going on in the universe's story. I looked up what WADJET was in Egyptian Mythology, but it didn't help me understand much more, so I'm super intrigued!

this was really cool! the loneliness and distance there was from other planets/people in particular. it was very interesting to get used to the slow, interface-heavy controls and slowly realize that carrying out the missions wasn't as neutral as it seemed at first. I'll have to go and read the news + registry entries carefully.

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Hello bear cabin! Well that was great.
Say, is there a way to survive WADJET's wrath, or does the 11th event act as an endgame?


Hi, thanks for playing! That’s the last mission and the end of the game.

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Alright, and thanks for the quick answer!
Though I can't help thinking that in a way, it's kind of a shame. Things could have moved to astounding, uncharted territories from there.
Anyway I hope you do realize that's some quality piece you have here :). As far as I can tell, the stiffness of the technical approach makes it rather unique. I also liked how the game puts you at a distance of everything that happens. Spectating the consequences of your laser shots through a telescope is uncommon, and an interesting shift of perspective in science-fiction video games. One could argue that it's just like playing as a sniper in a generic war game of course, but at the scale of a solar system, it opens up to brand new possibilities.
Again, thanks for the (greatly static) ride.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! One day I’d love to make a follow-up that continues this story. I do have some ideas, but they are not yet ready for development so I can’t promise anything haha

Do the eye of ra fall into the atmosphere during the 11 mission ?

Hi! I’d prefer to keep this comment section free of spoilers. Thank you!