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  • Played entirely within fictional operating system sMaat 9
  • Simulation of 250+ solar bodies (with light fictionalizations; see accompanying info.txt for data sources)
  • Exploratory narrative told through email, news headlines, and REGISTRY database entries
Immersion note: For the most immersive experience, full-screen display is recommended.


The year is 2221 and you are the lone technician aboard the Eye of Ra, an anti-asteroid space station orbiting Earth.

It has been two decades since the Apep event caused widespread disturbances throughout the Solar System. Ancient orbital paths and gravitational partnerships were forever altered, and our centuries-old knowledge of them was rendered unreliable. The calculated, near-zero risk of an asteroid impact on an inhabited world suddenly became unknown.

The Solar Union scrambled to recalculate the odds, to find lost objects before they could strike one of its five member worlds. Nuclear warheads were stockpiled and aimed at the skies of the Incorporated Planet of Mercury, the Republic of Mars, the Federation of Jupiter, and the Colonial Republic of Titan. Meanwhile, on Earth, they built something entirely new: the Ra laser. An orbital, Solar-powered cannon capable of reaching across the Solar System and removing kilometres-wide objects from existence.

The power within the Eye of Ra defends us all from the modern asteroid threat. The Solar Union entrusts Earth with the protection of its member worlds, who in turn entrusts the Eye of Ra to one technician: you.


Please report bugs to @bear_cabin


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 3
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Version 1
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Version 3


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Hello bear cabin! Well that was great.
Say, is there a way to survive WADJET's wrath, or does the 11th event act as an endgame?


Hi, thanks for playing! That’s the last mission and the end of the game.

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Alright, and thanks for the quick answer!
Though I can't help thinking that in a way, it's kind of a shame. Things could have moved to astounding, uncharted territories from there.
Anyway I hope you do realize that's some quality piece you have here :). As far as I can tell, the stiffness of the technical approach makes it rather unique. I also liked how the game puts you at a distance of everything that happens. Spectating the consequences of your laser shots through a telescope is uncommon, and an interesting shift of perspective in science-fiction video games. One could argue that it's just like playing as a sniper in a generic war game of course, but at the scale of a solar system, it opens up to brand new possibilities.
Again, thanks for the (greatly static) ride.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! One day I’d love to make a follow-up that continues this story. I do have some ideas, but they are not yet ready for development so I can’t promise anything haha